May 10, 2010

Weird factoids I need to know to write my novel:

  • Cross country trains- are they diesel or electric powered?

  • A conceivable estimate of the underground facilities at Camp Hero.

  • As much information I can find on fighting with 2 short swords.

  • Information on all American Cryptozoological species- The Jersey Devil, Mothman, Chupacabra, Bigfoot (I actually have a lot of this information all ready - my father has a penchant for those shows)

  • Information on the Higher Rates (Ranks) in the Navy, most particularly as they pertain to SEALs.

  • A good idea of what untamed terrain would be over the country- for instance wooded areas and empty lots on long island are either older Pine Barrens or new forests with dense undergrowth only occasionally passable by small paths. I need this information mostly for the eastern part of the country off the seaboard, Ohio and straight south.

These are just things that I'll need to research as I continue writing to make sure that I have enough information to craft a believable world for my characters to live in. These are mostly inconsequential questions because I've already started writing and I do most of my research in the beginning; but new questions always arise as I go.

So now you know the type of things that keep me awake at night!